Delicious Plant-Powered Pies

Magpye’s delicious plant-powered pies are encased in a unique flaky, buttery shortcrust pastry recipe and are full to the brim with vegan versions of everyone’s traditional favourites. Magpye began serving luxurious pie, mash and mushy peas on the banks of the River Tyne from their stylish converted horsebox trailer. They are still a regular trader at Newcastle’s historic Quayside market. You can also find them at Jesmond Food market where you can buy pies to bake at home.

100% Vegan

Magpye uses only 100% vegan ingredients and organic flour milled in the UK. They source their vegetables locally.  Other ingredients are from cooperative, ethical suppliers. They use plant-based, compostable packaging.

Their vegan butter, used in their unique flaky shortcrust pastry, is made with certified organic coconut oil. The highest quality Scottish cold-pressed rapeseed oil features too.  All Magpye products are free of palm oil.

Currently, you can only order Magpyes products elsewhere in the UK via a parcel service. So make sure you pick some up in person while visiting their local area!

Where Can I find Magpye Products?

Magpye products can be found in the Deli department of iconic Fenwick department store on Newcastle’s most famous shopping street, Northumberland Street.
You can also seek out a plant-powered pie at alternative stores in Seaton Delaval. Also The Grocery on Chillingham Road in the Heaton area.
If you are seeking a plant-powered pie dining experience you should check out Magpyes social media and website for the latest information. They are also served in some of the regions finest pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Magpye And The Quayside Market

Newcastle Quayside Market has a long history dating back to 1736. Then it was recorded in historic records as a fair. The original Quayside market stretched from the old Tyne Bridge (near the site of the current Swing Bridge) along Sandgate and beyond.
Commercial stalls selling every manner of goods were pitched along the riverside. With a variety of fairground attractions and racing tipsters providing added entertainment. The market is gaining a growing reputation as a hotspot in the region for the very best and most innovative vegan products and the location is truly stunning!


Pies are £3.50 each and a special of 3 for £10 at local markets.


Quayside Market, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, NE1 3DE.

You can email them at or give them a call at 0771 735 7729